The below images and captions are only representations of larger projects and ideas. For more information on the projects described, feel free to shoot me an email! My current email address is listed on the “about” section of this website. (You can also see my “creative dump” on @celerycreativedump on instagram!)

logo for my little sister’s documentary about loeys-dietz syndrome
a mock webpage for a product development class – the assignment was to create a new product for an existing company. i created a simple spec pack and did lots of research and trend forecasting.
logo for a mock business (I, Lucia) that i created in photoshop as part of my introduction to retailing final business plan. i wrote an essay talking about a lot of the little details that went into this business plan. it was not an extensive business plan but it was researched and representative of the beginnings of a business plan.
a late night fashion shoot with kiley at my apartment – some of the images didn’t turn out fully in focus – but i really love the blurred and imperfect part of this image.
an album cover for an old friend’s band (EP linked here)