Living in Seattle feels like such a dream. I’m within walking distance of Pike Place Market, I can see the Space Needle from my apartment’s elevator, I’m minutes from concerts and seconds from some of the cutest coffee shops I have ever seen.  If you had asked me a year ago what living in Washington […]

social media

I use social media a lot. It’s a form of art and self expression. A way of reaching out and communicating with others.  While talking with my therapist this week about social media etiquette, I realized that I moderate what I post way too much. My Instagram archive is full of pictures that I posted […]

current favorites

Lately I’ve been exploring in all aspects of my life. From fashion to music and everything in between I’ve enjoyed trying new things. Throughout my seasonal support position at Nordstrom Flagship, I’ve purchased quite a few pieces that I’ve really been loving but my favorite piece I’ve purchased would have to be this red ruffled t-shirt […]