thoughts on open-mindedness

I’ve recently realized that some views are not seen as equal or as valuable, just because they differ from the cultural norm.

I live in a very liberal state, I am a very liberal person, and I was raised by very liberal people. However, I don’t see my views as the only, correct views. I find it very difficult to interact with people who blatantly ignore human rights in exchange for financial freedom or otherwise and would never advocate for trying to understand this blatant lack of empathy. This does not mean that my views are the only views and that my views are correct. “Woke” culture has bred a sense of entitlement when it comes to people agreeing with you. It assumes superiority to people who self-proclaim as “woke.” I have nothing against educating yourself and educating others on social issues, in fact I think that is the best way to grow in one’s beliefs.

Some people I have met over the years have been very confused about what sexuality means or even how disability rights play a role in society. I receive messages from distant friends more often than you would think, asking about things that I am not the ultimate decider of. It is not my job to fully educate others on what I not fully aware of, only to explain why it is that I feel the way that I do. 

I don’t believe anyone is truly “open-minded,” however, I find that the more I open my mind up to what others have to say, the more it is reciprocated to me. Some issues I will never change my beliefs on. I find some things to be morally wrong and irresponsible such as deportation of immigrants or not allowing gay marriage. Some issues within my liberal community will never fully be explained or will be presented to me without all of the facts so my beliefs will fluctuate or evolve over time and these are the issues I want to learn more about. 

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