adventures in a new school

Recently, I started school. College. A new chapter of my life where I dive into my career. Since I am attending school for fashion marketing, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want that to take me. How I want to get there. When I walked in to school the very first day, I knew that visual merchandising is where I wanted to end up. The final destination. However, I’m starting to realize that careers and life aren’t linear. There’s no set path to becoming who and what I want to be. That’s terrifying but freeing.

I’m currently taking two liberal arts classes in order to fulfill some basic, necessary credits. Through these classes, I’ve been able to engage in some deep discussions about careers in the arts and how to become a professional artist. One of my classes is a class dedicated to career planning and success and it has only further cemented in me that this career is what I want to do. This path that I chose shut a lot of doors. It scared me knowing that I was locking myself into a program with very little wiggle room. Now that I’m in classes with other people interested in fashion and the arts, I’m realizing this is where I belong. The material in the classes is tailored to creative people and it just makes more sense to me.

I’ve always thought that the traditional college route was the right one. That the dorms, changing majors five times, and lots of classes of things I don’t care about was the only option. Now that I’m in a school where I feel like I can truly thrive, I can’t wait to see what comes of this. I look forward to waking up at six am to walk to class and see my peers. 

The featured image is one I took on my first day with some girls I met at orientation. I look forward to growing and thriving with people like them throughout my time at school. 

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  1. Deborah Norum says: Reply

    Enjoy, dive in with all your heart, soul and energy and take advantage of every opportunity! Keep us all posted!

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