seattle art fair + art talk

Today I went to the Seattle Art Fair to explore the galleries and look for inspiration (and people to follow on Instagram, if we’re being completely honest.)

After a bit of wandering, I started to realize that most of my favorite artists at the fair were very different in style from one another. I couldn’t quite piece together what I liked about each artist but I enjoyed most of the pieces in the fair.

I took tons of pictures while wandering and I thought it might be beneficial to compile them all into a concise blog post.

The pieces pictured above are by Nathan Louis Valensky.

The picture above is a piece created by Lisa Kokin.

These teeth were created by Fawn Rogers.

Art has been a big part of my self-expression for a long time. Whether it be sketching dresses on the playground in elementary school or throwing pots on the wheel in high school, I’ve always loved being able to create something out of nothing. I’m super excited to explore different styles of art and learn from my peers in school this fall. 

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