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Lately I’ve been exploring in all aspects of my life. From fashion to music and everything in between I’ve enjoyed trying new things.

Throughout my seasonal support position at Nordstrom Flagship, I’ve purchased quite a few pieces that I’ve really been loving but my favorite piece I’ve purchased would have to be this red ruffled t-shirt dress from The Great. I’ve loved pairing it with these nude loafers from Franco Sarto.

I’ve also really been loving some thrifted pieces and some pieces from local designers which I will just do another blog post about because there’s a lot of really amazing pieces that deserve a full post.

New Girl has become a huge part of my daily routine. I sometimes have uncontrollable fits of laughter while watching it and I watch it at various points throughout my day.

As far as music goes, I’ve been going to tons of concerts lately. I live super close to a popular venue in Seattle so I’ve been able to discover a lot of new bands.

My favorite show (dare I say, of all time?) was definitely Wens and Now Now at the Crocodile. Wens was a super influential artist for me last year, her song “Bones” made its way to my end of year “Top Songs” playlist on Spotify. When I found out she was playing a show (opening for Now Now) in Seattle, I got very excited. I hadn’t even realized she had dropped an EP and after hearing her perform the songs live, I fell in love. I highly recommend checking it out, click on the picture below for a link to the Spotify album, I promise you won’t regret it. (Now Now is also really amazing and I totally recommend checking both of them out!)

I’ve also really been loving Years & Years’ album, Communion. It’s super popular already but it’s nice music to turn on in the background while cleaning or walking somewhere.

The night before I went to go see Wens and Now Now, I went to another show at the same venue. Vacationer was amazing. The lead singer made it very clear it was all about the music and not about the fame, he told the audience he was going to skip the encore ordeal. The show was very good but the surf rock vibe isn’t my favorite.

A close friend recommended I listen to Corey Harper a few weeks ago and before I started going to more shows and discovering more music, his songs Keeping Me Alive and California Sun were on repeat for about a week.

Since concerts and work and a social life have been consuming my life for the past couple of weeks, it’s made it hard to find time to cook a proper meal. My go-to snack has been the Rx Bar in the flavor Chocolate Sea Salt and I’ve had one in my purse at all times.

Let me know what you’ve been wearing, watching, listening to, or eating!

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